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Walter Reeves


A Toastmaster of many years standing and past president of the Alliance of Toastmasters, attending Weddings, Formal functions and Celebrity Charity functions.

I am the first choice Toastmaster at Hotels and wedding venues.

Picture the scene .....

You have thought out and planned your SPECIAL DAY and want it to be PERFECT.

You realise you are going to hand the running order and events of the day to people you do not know very well or have never even met.

Your actual marriage ceremony will have been conducted under the watchful eye of the Vicar, or Registrar in the case of a Civil Ceremony, followed by the photographs with a reputable Photographer. All these are professional people regularly handling weddings but what happens when they have completed their tasks?

This is where I, as your Toastmaster come in, I will have met with you before the day to take instruction from you as to how formal or informal you wish the rest of your day to be and I will help to make it possible for you to relax and enjoy the day with your guests.

As your Toastmaster I will see to the following on your behalf
carrying out your instructions:

  • Arranging the correct Receiving Line.
  • Announcing your guests in the way you have previously discussed with me.
  • The correct procedure for the giving and receiving of Toasts.
  • Ensure the gifts to parents and Bridesmaids etc. are in the correct place at the right time.
  • Ensure that your Guest book is circulated and cameras are used if on the table.
  • I will stay with you to start the first dance in correct procedure and only depart when the party is in full swing, leaving you to dance the night away on this your SPECIAL DAY

I will also liaise with the photographer and the videographer to ensure you have a
A lasting memory to cherish for ever.

No event is too large, small, formal or informal.
You can contact me on one of the following:

contact me on:
Tel: 01992 554389